Corporate Development

Founded in 1948 – now an internationally established family business that combines tradition and modernity.


the company was founded by Josef Swoboda, the grandfather of the current CEO.
Apron dresses and nightgowns were produced at that time – with 2 employees.
In a small shop those pieces were sold along with other textiles.


the small company was taken over by Helmut Swoboda, the son of the founder who worked in the bank before.
Collections for apron dresses had been created – at that time a strongly demanded product.
The sales expansion started with 2 first agents for Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg .


a second main pillar was created with „house and bathcoats“ and with “beachwear”.
At that time nearly all mail order companies, big groups and also the retail had been served.


the focus has been put on a fair and partnering cooperation with the retail.


was the right time to start with an own coordinated collection which was showed on several fairs.
The time of the apron dresses and beachwear was gone.
The new collection consisted of trousers, dresses, blouses, skirts and blazers – a combined collection.
This plunge was made although it meant a pre-financing of almost 1 year.


a first „Big Size Collection“ was developped on the advise of one of the sales agents. 
A segment which was more or less neglected at that time.
Some additional agencies became aware of this new collection and recognized the need for fashionable clothing in big sizes.


the company was handed over to the 3rd generation. Since that time Thilo Swoboda leads the Verpass business.


it was decided to design a new brand identity. A new, contemporary Logo was developped in order to underline the up-to-dateness of the collection.
It correspondents to the expression and perception of the very values that we feel and would like to embody at VERPASS:
modernity, precision and to correspond to the spirit of the time – to be FASHIONable.
Our agent network spanning across Europe today.
The majority of our products is produced „made in Germany“ – a small part in neighboring European countries.
Only those materials are used that correspond to 100% to the respect of the EU predetermined standards with regard to dying, pesticides, etc.

Our motto has been adopted from the founder, Josef Swoboda: to put the focus on the workmanship (= VERarbeitung) and the fitting (= PASSform)
– the name VERPASS was created by this German pun. And this is the motto we have remained faithful until today.